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Howdy friends!

It’s been a crazy week here in our L.A. home.
We came back from a blissful + delicious weekend in the Bay Area to an ant infestation, electrical issues and a cat who still isn’t recovered from being sedated for his dental cleaning.
Mercury is most certainly in retrograde folks.

Nevertheless, it’s also been an amazing week. I had a killer coaching session, started tapping on a regular basis and feel like I’ve broken through some pretty deep seated blocks around money + success. Score!

Anyhoo, how was your week? I’d love to know. And if there’s anything on your mind, leave me a note and let me know how I can help.

Enjoy your weekend lovelies!




I can’t tell if this is gratuitous food porn or chef porn. ;)
I’ve worked w/ Alex, read her blog for years and yet she continues to amaze me with her wisdom + courage. If you need a new perspective on breaking up – this is it.
Finally. A cool brand exclusively for ladies who wear glasses.
In LOVE with this magazine. Love this post of sage bits of wisdom for before you wed.
Oh DVF, how I adore you. *via Julie Elliott
There is actually an exhibit called Architecture for Dogs. I need to see this.
Let’s hear it for the 30′s!
Polaroid coasters. Awesome sauce.
Been a big fan of Anne for a few years. I trust everything she recommends. Can’t wait to dig into this book.
This my friends, is beauty.
The habits of happiness. I love how simple his steps are.
The “I must own one before I die” camera maker opened up shop in West Hollywood. Be still my heart.
Baby animals. Omg. I die.
I went a little cray cray over this article about GP. I even left a comment for the site’s editors. File this under: sick of all the hatin’! And side note: 15 minutes of sun per day sans sunscreen = a-ok.
I mentioned wanting to try Cronuts last week. In case you’re still wondering what they are. I defer you to this.
This makes me miss the South so much. Gotta take a trip down soon.
Why it’s cool to hate Nickleback. Not gonna lie, I’m not a fan. And apparently neither are a lot of you out there.
This food blog has been one of my favorites for years. It pretty much trumps everything else in my reading list. Mainly because the photography is beautiful and she includes recipes like this one. Yum!
I’ll be celebrating Bastille Day (Sunday July 14th) at a new favorite place + an old favorite place.
The many uses for edible flowers. Gorgeous!!
Go Tilda!
I want one.
I wish everyone adopted this philosophy and this when it comes to healthcare. There’s a reason pride is one of the seven deadly sins . .
Wow. This Doctor is brave + wise. An amazing video worth your 15-minutes.
This video’s been makin’ the rounds this past week. My alma mater (AFI) put together this video on the anniversary of the film Tootsie. Quite a touching chat with Mr. Hoffman.
I love when fashion doesn’t take itself so seriously. Alexander Wang totally got it right for his Spring ’13 campaign. So funny!


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