On Gratitude

As the year nears the end of its cycle,
when busy bees seize the last nectar,
and the Earth falls into deep slumber,
we turn inward,
diving deeper into our past,
wondering if a year spent,
equated to the effort expended.
Until this time,
we …

On Communication

We are taught the language of love,
of communion,
of ritual,
of daily life,
of mercy,
of heroic attempts,
of mediocre attributes,
of being,
But we are not told,
the secrets of the words,
the phrases,
the energies,
behind the sounds we speak.
Each syllable, nuance, phrase, click, timbre,
echoes a …

The Power of Kindness

You’re familiar with the old statement, “sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”? I’ve always been equal parts amazed and amused by this. Because if you’ve lived any sort of life …

Soul To Soul // Communication

Each month we offer a guided theme to ignite and inspire your next 30 days. A simple idea, from which can spark untold treasures and transformation. A gift from one soul to another. This month, we will …

Mending the Cracks with Gold

I recently learned about an ancient Japanese art form known as kintsugi. Whenever a piece of ceramic or pottery breaks, Japanese artists repair the broken pieces with precious metals like gold, platinum, or silver. The cool thing …