The Beyond Gatherings are for women entrepreneurs, business owners and freelancers who want the potency of a focused business-building event with the spirit of a soul nourishing retreat

Like you, I’ve attended my fair share of business and networking events.
But they never felt like ‘me’.
They were overwhelming.
They were too big (100+ people).
They were exhausting (2+ days of non-stop action).
I came away ultra inspired, with pages of notes (that I never took action on), while the inner me (my soul) was left feeling super neglected.

After I recovered from those events, I immediately started to crave a different kind of gathering. I was asking questions like:

So I stopped wishing for it and created The Beyond Gatherings.

This is for you if . . .

  • You’ve been in business for at least 6 months
  • You’re chock full of inspiration but have a hard time turning that into tangible action
  • You want specific insight for YOUR business
  • You’re tired of attending traditional business events
  • You believe that your heart and your desires have a place (front and center) inside your business. Period.

The 1st event in our The Beyond Gatherings series is:

on Saturday November 7, 2015 in Los Angeles, CA.



You’re going to get . . .



Our roster of incredible mentors (who will lead us through enlightening conversation, and offer group guidance in our “Brain Trust” sessions) are seasoned pro’s in everything from writing to design, business to technology and just a little bit of everything in between.

If you ask us . . . they’d make one badass team of super-hero(ines)!


Anne-Sage-MentorAnne Sage
Author. Blogger. Lifestyle editor. Cat Herder.
Proudest Accomplishment: 
Turning the heartbreak of starting over into a book deal.

Anne Sage has been blogging since 2008. A graduate of Stanford University, Anne worked as a consumer strategist in Manhattan prior to becoming a full-time content creator. In 2010, she co-founded the online lifestyle Rue Magazine. Anne’s first book, an interiors volume entitled Sage Living, was released in the Fall of 2015 from Chronicle Books.



Ashley Neese
Lifestyle Guide. Yoga Teacher. Artist.
Proudest Accomplishment: Being named Wellness Editor of The Everygirl.

Ashley Neese is a bold soul whose holistic offerings, women’s classes, and lifestyle blog guide spirit seekers towards bringing their whole being into each moment so they can heal and be at peace. Ashley has been featured in The Chalkboard Mag, Freunde von Freunden and Pure Green Magazine. She is the Wellness Editor for The Everygirl and a regular contributor to Cameron Diaz’s blog The Body Book. 


Ellen-Ercolini-MentorEllen Ercolini
Business Strategist. Money Making Expert. Energy Worker.
Proudest Accomplishment: Working 1-on-1 with 100+ creative entrepreneurs, to help them build their empires & make more money.

Ellen Ercolini is a business strategist for creative entrepreneurs from Oakland, CA. Often referred to as a business visionary, Ellen uses a combination of business acumen, creative thinking and coaching to help clients grow their business and skyrocket their incomes.



Jennifer-Puno-MentorJennifer Puno
Digital Entrepreneur. UX + Web Design. Creator.
Proudest Accomplishment: Not quitting!

A creator, digital designer, and entrepreneur at heart, Jennifer Puno is the Co-Founder of @madewithmap―an online platform that celebrates people and their journeys. She also co-formed ilovecreatives, a digital classifieds website connecting talented individuals in the creative community. 



Sarah Ehlinger
Artist. Illustrator. Professional Mess Maker.
Proudest Accomplishment: Working for myself for 6+ years.

Sarah is a designer, illustrator, and artist.Her work has spanned branding, packaging, in-store retail campaigns, and can be seen on greeting cards, stationery, wallpaper, kitchen tiles and ceramics. She has years of design agency experience working as a graphic designer, Creative Director and Creative Strategist with big name brands. She happily brings that experience to her current work- except now, she gets to do it in yoga pants instead of heels.


Wakako-Takagi-MentorWakako Takagi
Shop Owner. Storyteller. Curator. Mother.
Proudest Accomplishment: Opening a brick & mortar store 3 years after our online shop!

Wakako is the creator & owner of Baum-kuchen: part studio, part shop, and part lifestyle brand. Before Baum-kuchen, she worked on design projects for consultancies and corporations and taught her design research methodologies at Art Center College of Design. Wakako loves sharing sweet conversations and creative projects with her two Germanese girls (German x Japanese).



Stephanie Watanabe
Writer. Creator. Business Catalyst. Chai lover.
Proudest Accomplishment: This event!

Stephanie is the Founder and Curator-in-Chief of The Girl Who Knows, the place online to build a business and lifestyle with soul. She has more than a decade of experience producing films and events, has co-founded three boutique companies and even taught yoga for a spell. Stephanie also consults with business owners, helping them to cultivate a sustainable and successful brand through the lens of customer experience.


This is the 1st event of its kind. But it isn’t my first rodeo!

I’ve hosted similar events before (including my highly sought after Desire Map Workshops, which I retired last month). The intimate size and unique format of my events are what make them stand out. The level of transformation that occurs in just a few short hours is remarkable.

These gatherings are practical, AND soulful. Which means you’ll feel nourished from head to heart.



Annika-Martins-TestimonialAnnika Martins, spiritual curator and creator The Sacred Podcast

“I walked into Stephanie’s Desire Map workshop and said, ‘THIS is how it should be done.’ She creates luxe spaces, only collaborates with LA’s freshest and finest, and makes every person feel welcomed and cared for, from start to finish. Her events are a YES.”


Nicole-Strack-TestimonialNicole M. Strack, writer, photographer, seeker of truth

“I feel much more On Purpose, in every aspect of my life. I feel more connected to myself, my husband, my peeps, my life, and the Universe. Stephanie was a wonderful tribe leader. I really appreciated her kindness, authenticity, and awesome sense of humor!”


Marci-Ellen-Cruice-TestimonialMarcy Ellen Cruice, holistic health advocate and lifestyle coach

“The energy of our group was immediately open, comforting and accepting. I didn’t want to leave! I feel such clarity that I’ve never felt about what I’m doing in the world. Stephanie’s workshop changed my life, opened my eyes and my heart and gave me an intangible gift that I will hold on to forever.”



Samiyah Hudson, actress

“I love that so much honesty was fostered and encouraged within our group. A beautiful community was created and I felt able to share and spread my wings. I learned so much from being part of your workshop!”


Kirsten-Tamme-TestimonialKirsten Tamme, weight loss and life coach

“I think your workshop was absolutely great! Its motivated me and made things in my life a lot more clear. My mom had asked me how it went and I got all flabbergasted. I think she could hear the change in my voice. I’m so sad that it’s over!”


Terissa-Coobs-TestimonialTerrisa Lynn Coobs, The Self Coach

“After this workshop, I feel more in tune with my inner voice. Stephanie was a huge part of this. Had she not taken such care to make every detail delightful and the time and space sacred, I believe the work would not have fallen quite in the same beautiful place for me.”


Palomi-Sheth-TestimonialPalomi Sheth, nutrition coach + yogini

“Stephanie was the perfect guide. I absolutely loved her insights, energy, guidance and sensitivity through the entire experience. She is a one-of-a-kind leader and so big-hearted. I left feeling inspired and ignited!”


Danielle-LaPorte-Testimonial-The-Girl-Who-Knows Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The FireStarter Sessions

“Stephanie…everyone who’s walked through your workshop doors has felt so seen and cared for. You’re a magic space creator. And a wise one. And… you’re focused on results. Bonus! So great watching you work in the world.”




Saturday November 7, 2015
9am – 6pm

at Communal LA
in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles


Got questions?
Check out our handy FAQ, or email us: events(at)

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