General FAQ's

How can I become an online Guest Editor for The Girl Who Knows?

We are not currently seeking out new guest editors at this time.

How often do you release new articles?

Generally speaking we release new articles on the website four or five times per week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. It really depends on if we have something to say. Quality over quantity is our mantra.

How can my product/service/business be featured on the site?

We pride ourselves on curating everything that’s presented on The Girl Who Knows. As such, our posts are about things that we truly love and want to share with you. We do include sponsored posts, but they are always products or services that we believe in and would write about (regardless of compensation).

With that in mind, if you feel like your product/business is a good fit for our content (or you happen to know that we looove what you do), feel free to send us an email at: info(at)thegirlwhoknows.com.

I’m a photographer - how do I submit photos for your site?

We are not currently seeking out new photographers to contribute at this time.

Do you offer internships?

Not at this time, but please check back!

Event FAQs

What are The Beyond Gatherings?

The Beyond Gatherings are intimate 1-day events that for women entrepreneurs who want the potency of a focused business-building event with the spirit of a soul nourishing retreat.

They are for women who’ve been in business for a minimum of 6 months and are looking to turn insight into tangible action.

How is this different than other similar events (i.e. WDS, Off The Charts Live, Create Cultivate, etc.)?

Here are six reasons that The Beyond Gatherings are (beyond) amazing – and wildly different than other networking and business events you may have attended:

  •  INTIMATE SIZE — we limit attendance to 35 women (max). Introvert and HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) friendly!
  • WOMEN ONLY — the event will be comprised of all women business owners and entrepreneurs. No offense to the fella’s (we love ya) but this is all about celebrating the amazing #Fempire builders out there!
  •   SMALL GROUPS —instead of sitting and listening to speakers all day (*snooze*), you’ll get your very own Brain Trust led by a mentor. You’ll get customized advice on how to make progress on whatever challenge you’re facing. 
  •   TOTAL ACCESS — you’ll be able to chat it up with our amazing mentors at breaks, over lunch, during conversation circles – all day, anytime.
  •  ACTIONABLE — this isn’t an event where you’ll sit in the audience while an inspiring person stands up on stage telling you about how they grew their business. While we’re all for inspiration, The Beyond Gatherings are about taking that inspiring insight and putting it to action in YOUR business. 
  •  DIVERSITY — you won’t just be hearing from people within your industry or niche. I’ve specifically invited a super diverse array of mentors who are business owners like you. Why? Because learning from people outside of your niche is where innovation happens. 
  •  LUXURY — this isn’t going to feel like a business building event. From the gorgeous venue and furnishings to the artisan coffee and tea and gourmet snacks and lunch (and other surprises) — you’ll feel cared for while learning and growing. Just because we’re talking business doesn’t mean your senses shouldn’t be enlivened!
Do you offer refunds if I can't attend your event?

Due to the intimate and personalized nature of our events, we cannot accommodate refunds.

We can however, apply your ticket price towards a future gathering or event with us. Please give us at least 5 days notice prior to the event in order to receive credit (email events(at)thegirlwhoknows.com, and we’ll take care of everything for you).

You are also more than welcome to gift your ticket(s) to someone else.

Why are you 'The Girl Who Knows' (and the girl to create these events)?

I have more than a decade of experience creating lush, unforgettable events for the most discerning of clients like Lucasfilm, Yahoo and Google. I’m also a trained life and business coach with more than a decade of entrepreneurial business experience (and three boutique companies) under my belt. Plus I have a knack for creating intimate environments, bringing together like-minded souls and fresh voices that you won’t find at any other event. It also doesn’t hurt that I love what I do (and that shines through in every single event or workshop).

What should I bring with me?

We will email you prior to the event with a list of what to bring (along with directions, parking information, what to wear and more)!

Can I sign-up to be a mentor/speaker at one of your gatherings?

While we hand-pick our roster of amazing mentors for The Beyond Gatherings, we would LOVE to hear why you’re amazing and should join us at an event.

Email us (events(at)thegirlwhoknows.com) and tell us a bit about yourself, where you live and why you want to be part of The Beyond Gatherings. If it feels like a match, we’ll be in touch!

Do you offer the same events more than once?

Yes and no. The Beyond Gatherings are offered multiple times per year (in cities ’round the country) however, the exact theme and direction of each gathering is unique and will not be duplicated.

Others events like retreats and sensory workshops might happen again. It depends. We often like to switch things up to keep it refresh and interesting!

I'm flying into town for one of your events, can you recommend a place to stay?

Of course! We will email you with a list of our favorite hotels, restaurants and other helpful services in the area, after you register for the event. If you have immediate needs, please email us: events(at)thegirlwhoknows.com.

Do you offer payment plans?

Every event page will specify if there is a payment plan option available or not. Generally we are always open to working with you on this. If you would like to discuss a payment option with us, we’re more than happy to.
Just send us an email events(at)thegirlwhoknows.com, and let us know what would be helpful to you and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs!