Services + Events

The Girl Who Knows began as an online, digital platform to inspire you to live a life and cultivate a business — with soul.

However as the site began to grow and we were interacting more with our readers (online and off) we realized that everyone was missing something. In fact, they were craving something. That something is real. life. connection. You know the old fashioned kind. Face to face.

Because we felt this pull for more tangible experiences, we decided to launch a series of in-person events including sensory inspired workshops, pop-up dinners and our brand-new event for women entrepreneurs: The Beyond Gatherings. All so that we can connect with you in real life.

Because even though we love the digital domain, there’s nothing like sitting next to someone, talking and laughing, in a group of like-minded souls —  to bring your senses to life and turn inspiration into real action.

For those that can’t join us yet in person, we’ve created an 1-on-1 program w/ TGWK Founder, Stephanie Watanabe, called Brilliant CX™. If you’re a business owner who has an “it’s complicated” relationship with marketing and sales — read more about this one-of-a-kind service below.

We hope to meet you at an event one day soon!

Brilliant CX™

Business doesn't have to be "as usual". In fact, if you want to earn more cash, have a steady flow of loyal clients + customers and streamline your marketing, you've got to be not good, not great, but BRILLIANT.


The Beyond Gatherings

Intimate 1-day gatherings for women entrepreneurs & business owners who want the potency of a business event w/ the spirit of a soul nourishing retreat.


The Beyond Retreats

The ultimate business retreat meets self-care sabbatical. A week-long immersion where you'll come away feeling renewed AND ready to take decisive action.