Brilliant CX



Do you feel like you’re in a constant uphill struggle with your marketing and sales?

You’ve taken online courses, read countless books and blogs, have joined masterminds, even hired a coach (or three), and yet you still find it a challenge to market yourself authentically and get a steady stream of dream customers.

You look at the happy, successful women around you, running similar heart-centered, on-purpose businesses and wonder, is it just me?

The answer is no. It’s not.

One of the most common complaints I’ve heard from women business owners (of all stages) is —attracting & retaining the right kinds of customers, is an ongoing problem.

What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be?
What if I told you that you actually don’t have a marketing problem.
What you have, is a customer experience problem.

What is CX?

In a nutshell, Customer Experience (CX) is the sum-total of how customers engage with your company and brand. It is your customer’s perception of your business including all physical, psychological, emotional and sensory touchpoint’s that occur throughout the entire arc of being a customer. This perception drives customer behaviors and customer loyalty, ultimately affecting your company’s bottom line.

Here’s another way to put it: CX is the missing 50% of your marketing equation.

How is CX relevant to my business? 

It’s likely that you’ve been focusing 100% of your energy on traditional marketing techniques. But in today’s world, that’s not enough.

Customers have a lifecycle as it relates to your business. It’s comprised of 4 different stages:

The first two stages are where traditional marketing techniques come into play.
The last two are where CX really come into play (but truth be told, all 4 stages need a great customer experience strategy).

Customer Experience is 50% of a full marketing strategy.
It’s not a nice to have.
It’s a NEED to have.

Is CX really SO important?

Did you know that it is 7x more expensive to attract a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer? 

Let that sink in. SEVEN times more expensive.
That means that for every $100 you invest on keeping your current clients coming back for more, you’ll spend $700 on marketing to attract new clients. Ouch!

It’s not enough to do “business as usual” anymore.

In the age of user-generated reviews (Yelp, Angie’s List), social media shoutouts, word-of-mouth and an endless array of options in every industry, you HAVE to stand out.

You can’t just be good. Or great. You have to be Brilliant.

As the wise Seth Godin says, 

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing.
In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.



Why am I qualified to help you with CX?

For the past 15 years, I’ve had the pleasure of creating unforgettable experiences for A-List celebrities and the Hollywood elite, for luxury spa’s, high-end retail shops and for hundreds of thousands of event goers. In other words, I’ve catered to customers and clients with “sophisticated” palates.

I’ve also become known for creating magical in-person gatherings for women business owners just like you. On top of that I’ve been studying marketing, sales and business strategy for 10+ years as I’ve helped launch several businesses from scratch. And, as a consumer, I have been analyzing customer experiences (without knowing what it was called) for decades. 


Nicole-Strack-TestimonialNicole M. Strack, writer, photographer, seeker of truth

“I feel much more On Purpose, in every aspect of my life. I feel more connected to myself, my husband, my peeps, my life, and the Universe. Stephanie was a wonderful tribe leader. I really appreciated her kindness, authenticity, and awesome sense of humor!”



Palomi-Sheth-TestimonialPalomi Sheth, nutrition coach + yogini

“Stephanie was the perfect guide. I absolutely loved her insights, energy, guidance and sensitivity through the entire experience. She is a one-of-a-kind leader and so big-hearted. I left feeling inspired and ignited!”



Danielle-LaPorte-Testimonial-The-Girl-Who-Knows Danielle LaPorte, author of The Desire Map and The FireStarter Sessions

“Stephanie…everyone who’s walked through your doors has felt so seen and cared for. You’re a magic space creator. And a wise one. And… you’re focused on results. Bonus! So great watching you work in the world.”



What does all this fancy talk about my experience mean for you?

It means that I’ve got a deep desire to help you create your own (brilliant) CX strategy. I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from the businesses I’ve created and worked for, along with a decade of learning about marketing, social media, branding and customer experience, and distilled it into a system that is both simple and effective at helping you deliver the extraordinary.

YOU are precisely why I’ve created Brilliant CX.

I want to help you go from confused and struggling to a place of attracting repeat clients through simple strategies that you’ll actually find fun (say what?!).

Through focusing on your customer’s experience, you put you and your customer front and center in your business — meaning that things will flow and have a sense of clarity and cohesion, unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Ready to be Brilliant?

Here are the details of this 1:1 program:

If you’ve been feeling like you should be able to attract more clients and customers to your business but are thoroughly confused by all of the marketing messages and information out there (and how to apply it to YOU and your work), Brilliant CX will help.

You will walk away feeling clear about how to create a deeper connection with your customers.
Your customers will comment on how cared for they feel, how much they love every thoughtful detail, and how they truly feel like your top priority.

Your repeat clients and word of mouth will be sky high, which translates to more revenue, delighted customers and a greater sense of excitement and confidence about your business (and your ability to do this marketing stuff quite effectively).

Now the real talk.
This is an unprecedented level of access, for 2 whole months. I’m good, but let’s be real, I only have so many hours in a day.

So to keep this feeling ultra-VIP, I’m only taking on 3 more clients at this rate. After that, I will be increasing the price substantially.

Your investment for 2-months?


Email me + ask me anything!

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