Most of us are hiding. We hide because somewhere along the way we’ve taken on the belief that we’re not good enough.

Many people I work with in healing sessions have throat chakra blockage or imbalance. This is to say that they’re not using their voices in a way that is satisfying their souls. And they’re not alone.

So many of us keep our mouths shut. We don’t show up for ourselves. We believe we’re not worthy of being heard. We believe we’re not creative or that the things we have to say are of little value.

These beliefs are not only crippling in our pursuit for happiness and purpose, but they also create energetic blockages which can manifest as discomfort and eventually, disease.

A few months ago I led a 3-week workshop called, “Living Big and Healing Insecurities” where we looked at what our true desires are in relationship to our fears. Our souls know what we’re here for but fear clouds our perspective. It makes up excuses so we don’t have to face it. It allows us to stay small. It tricks us into believing that safety is where joy lives.

Safety is an illusion. We are never safe. Nothing ever stays the same. The sooner we get on that train the more quickly we’ll begin to discover what it truly means to be alive.

Still, many of us continue to hide. Hiding shows up in many ways, but one of the most common is a lack of communication. We don’t express how we truly feel when it’s required of us. Often times this is because we don’t dig deep enough to ask ourselves how we feel. If we don’t understand how we feel, how can we articulate it? And if we can’t articulate it then how can our soul’s be satisfied?

We stay quiet because we’re afraid we’re going to lose someone or something. We’re afraid someone might think something unpleasant about us. We’re afraid of being wrong. We’re afraid to just simply be witnessed because we don’t believe we deserve to be here.

These are deep fears, and they are very real. If they don’t resonate with you I’d ask you to dig deeper. If they do, here are three tips so you can begin using your voice to show up for yourself:

  • Say no
    Creating boundaries is one of the healthiest ways to show up for yourself. Take the time to get to know yourself. To know what it is you need, and then express it. Do it whether or not you’re afraid.
  • Start singing
    Just do it at home alone. Get comfortable using your voice. If you are a human being you can sing, so don’t try to give me that excuse. Open your mouth and get comfortable singing. If you don’t want to open your mouth then start by humming. Either way, let your voice be heard, even if it’s just by you to start.
  • Write
    Write about your thoughts and feelings. Let it come out. Write from your soul, not from your mind. Maybe, just maybe, share it with a person or two.

These are starting points for getting comfortable expressing yourself. When you share your thoughts and feelings you are showing up for yourself. When you show up for yourself you’re healing. You’re loving yourself. You’re doing soul work.

Do you feel comfortable using your voice? Do you have other ways you use your voice to show up for yourself?



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  1. Hi Michelle, this is a very perceptive post – you’ve brought a deep subject to the fore. Our past can affect our self-confidence, I am sure, and it can leave our personal ‘voice’ weakened. Your sound advice is good. Thank you.

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