The mind is a powerful tool that can be used to manifest thoughts into reality. As the old saying goes – you are what you think.

What’s happening in your life now – is a result of your thoughts. But thoughts alone can’t solely improve your life. You must take your thoughts and turn them into reality. How? By literally speaking them into existence.

One way to do that is through self-talk filled with positive affirmations. Affirmations are words that uplift your thoughts. By removing negative thoughts and speaking confidently, you allow the creation and manifestation of all things positive and optimistic.

When you speak positive affirmations aloud, you rewire your mind to believe that your words are universal truths. You also raise the “feel good levels” in your body, causing your brain to create new neural networks that aid positive thinking.

Verbal affirmations give you the courage to believe in yourself, improve your overall well-being, and cultivate a deeper sense of self-love.

In life, there is only one relationship that you have to consistently maintain – and it’s with yourself. Appreciating and accepting yourself gives you the power to be anything you can dream of being. It helps you become more influential in your own life, and helps you stay in the right frame of mind to help you reach your goals.

To practice self-love through affirmations, wake up each morning and look into the mirror. Stare at the reflection looking back at you and declare that you are a worthy being, created to live a life filled with love and happiness. Say aloud, “I am a unique and special person deserving of love and respect.” Each time you speak these words, you manifest self love and appreciation into your life.

Everything you speak aloud will influence your life in some way. Understanding the power of your words can help you cultivate an abundance of positivity which will then flow into your life. All words have meaning, so try to replace negative words with positive ones and affirm your path and value in this world. Remove words of self-doubt and embrace being different and uniquely made.

Here are 20 uplifting affirmations that will help you manifest self-love in your life:

  • I love and appreciate myself.  
  • I am accepting of myself and my abilities.
  • I emit love and respect to others and in return I get love and respect.
  • I will let go of any negative thoughts about myself and replace them with positive ones.
  • I am a well educated and talented and yet, a humble person.
  • I have the ability to create a positive change in the world.
  • I acknowledge my worthiness. I am confident and courageous.
  • I am uniquely created and worthy of respect from others.
  • My high self-esteem allows me to be receiving  and giving of compliments.
  • I encourage others to be themselves and they in return encourage me to by myself.
  • It does not matter what people say. What matters is what I believe and how I respond.
  • Positive things are taking place in the world and the universe is radiating love & acceptance.
  • I have high self-esteem as I appreciate myself.
  • I deserve all that is good in the world and will let go of any need for negativity and suffering.
  • I do not have to prove myself to anyone. I know my self-worth and I love me.
  • I am at peace with my past. Everything that is happening is happening for a good reason.  
  • I am not alone. The universe is guiding me and encouraging me every step of the way.
  • My mind and heart are filled with only loving, positive, joyous, and fulfilling thoughts that will manifest into my life experiences.  
  • My mind and heart are grateful for a happy and fulfilling life.
  • I will consciously let go of the past and focus only on the present. This will allow me to enjoy the blessings and experiences in my life.  

As you use these affirmations you are creating a deeper relationship with the universe (and yourself). Begin engaging with people and opportunities that are positive.

Speak these affirmations with certainty and share in the comments below how they begin to influence your daily life. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Gabrielle and Italia

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