How is it going with your fall fashion? Are you feeling pretty good about the statement your outfits make these days? Or could you use a little pick-me-up style wise so what you wear is more aligned with what you want to say?

When styling private clients (and myself!), I always consider their personalities when choosing clothes so their outfits become a reflection of who they are. Think of it as an inside-out thing – you want your wardrobe to express outwardly who you are on the inside, and when this is done well your style becomes an authentic statement.

But it doesn’t have to be complicated or too serious. Style should be fun! And as our moods shift, we’re free to change up our look so our statement says something else.

If you’re scratching your head and thinking I have no idea what statement I’d like my outfits to make, don’t worry! I’ve rounded up some essentials to help get you started.

Say More With Your Wardrobe By Wearing One Of These:

Leather Jacket
Badass. Edgy. Cool. Do these words align with what you want your style to say? If yes, a leather jacket is an absolute must-have! And don’t feel stuck if the ubiquitous “off-duty” moto silhouette doesn’t feel like you. There are plenty of other options to try. I love my bomber version which veers me into sporty territory while a leather blazer adds some rock ’n roll to the classic structure.leather-jacket

shirt-dressBold Color + Prints
A sure-fire way to amp up any style statement is by going big with prints and colors. A vibrant ensemble is simply hard to ignore! If mixing cyan with magenta seems headache inducing, then start small by working with a softer palette still rich in tone like mulberry and lilac. Also, large prints work better when grounded by one of the colors from the pattern. If you’re still unsure, then take the easy way by putting on a dress.

Looking for that je ne sais quoi? Then the comfort and effortlessness so often found in menswear might be for you. But don’t equate loose fitting with unsexy. Au contraire! The masculinity can actually accentuate your femininity. Pair a button down shirt (left open to just the right spot) with a midi pencil skirt and heels. Or try a chunky sweater with sleek trousers and sneakers. The message is casual with a womanly twist.






Graphic Tee 

Definitely the no-duh of the group, the graphic tee will say exactly what you want, while spelling it out across your chest! Whether it’s concert memorabilia to advertise your adoration for a band, a Sanskrit namaste to spread peace, or even a mood announcement of how you feel, by sharing this little hint of your story, the statement you make is 100% true to you.54078_lifcg_a0





Polished Handbag

While the luxury of carrying an Hermés Birkin will certainly make a statement, you don’t have to invest over 10k to say you’re refined! A sharp handbag tells the world you mean business with sophistication and class. And on a side note, because of the everyday usage probability, this may be the one area that’s worth a splurge.




So what do you think? Does your style make a statement, and if yes – what does it say? I’d love to know! Share below in the comments.


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