Elysha Lenkin

Holistic Stylist + Writer + Yogi
at Mind Body Soul Stylist


Elysha is a fashion stylist and yoga journalist based in NYC who shows women how to become their most awesome and authentic selves, inside and out.

With over a decade of experience on commercial shoots, and in the homes of private clients, she highlights the connection between life and style to help her clients realize their visions.

Carrie Underwood, Tina Fey, Serena Williams and Hayden Panettiere are just a few of the many people she has styled shoots for. Her articles on yoga and wellness appear in YogaCity NYC, and her blog, Mind Body Soul Stylist, combines lifestyle how-to’s with personal narratives for a wealth of information and inspiration. When she’s not styling, writing, or practicing yoga, she’s hanging out with her husband and two children on the Lower East Side.

What I know:

True style means moving through life with confidence and ease.

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