Has high summer got you slumping in the style department? You know, that time of year when you continually wear the same old things because it’s hot, and you can’t be bothered to put anything else together? Yeah. That.

I realize the heat does nothing to encourage inspired outfit planning — 100% humidity isn’t exactly helpful in maintaining a fresh look. But by bringing a more playful attitude towards your wardrobe, you give yourself the opportunity to not only up your style game, but you’ll also have more fun figuring out what to wear!

The good news about summer dressing is it’s simple — just don’t confuse simple with boring. A black sundress is certainly easy to do, but you won’t make much of a statement if that’s all you’ve got.

Be bold and more experimental when facing your closet. Try to imagine what would happen if you paired X with Z, and then try it. If head to toe hot pink will never be your thing, then think about embellishing your neutral staples with whimsical details like prints and color. A vibrant color pop and thoughtful pattern play within your wardrobe can up your style game in a big way while making a huge difference in how you look and feel.

Here’s how to get started.


dress / hat / shoes / bracelet

So you’ve got your black sundress that you love and swear by, but you’re not quite sure how to add interest. Color pop it! Bring in some colorful pieces to boost your sundress into another orbit. Colorful accessories are everywhere this season so you shouldn’t have a tough time finding something that works. I love tassels and pom-poms because it makes everything feel like a party. Rainbow belts and bright sunnies are also a festive option. Just make sure to keep your color popping in check — too many crazy colors can be disorienting. For a black sundress, add in two, perhaps three additional hues. Use your gut to know when enough is enough, but do take risks with your choices.

Pattern Play The Girl Who Knows

striped shirt / gingham top / graphic tee

floral pants / floral skirt / plaid skirt

Pattern Play
Mixing prints requires tactful planning. The trick is to make sure the colors are complimentary. A good place to begin is with activewear since many yoga pants and workout tanks come covered in prints. For those ready to take it up a notch, and pattern play with their daily outfits, here’s what you need to know.

  • Stripes match everything. Treat them like a neutral, and use them as the base for any type of pattern.
  • Small prints work well with larger prints. Try polka dots or gingham with big florals or abstracts.
  • Graphic tees go great with plaids. This is perfect for beginning pattern players as the graphic is usually only a hint of a print.

Your style is just one of the ways you get to express yourself to the world. By playing it safe, and wearing only your same old things, you’re not showing everyone how awesome you are. Push your own edge!

If you always dress in monochromes, try color popping. If you never wear prints, start small then work your way up to pattern play. Bring in at least one new element to your outfit each day, and make it something you’ve never tried before. To truly up your style game, you’ve got to be ready to play. So get in your closet and have fun!

What do you think? Would you ever try color popping or pattern play? Let me know in the comments.


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