Each month we offer a guided theme to ignite and inspire your next 30 days. A simple idea, from which can spark untold treasures and transformation. A gift from one soul to another. This month, we will be exploring the theme of . . .

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“When you give yourself permission to communicate what matters to you in every situation you will have peace despite rejection or disapproval. Putting a voice to your soul helps you to let go of the negative energy of fear and regret.”
~Shannon Alder


When I read the quote above, I got tears in my eyes. Because it brought to mind all of the times I haven’t communicated what’s in my soul. When I’ve sat on the sidelines silent, out of fear, uncertainty or just wanting to maintain the “status quo”. Sound familiar?

Communication is a major component of maintaining successful relationships with others. There are so many nuances to effective communicating – it’s so much more than just opening your mouth and speaking words.

And as we know all too well, communication can be a source of inner and outer conflict in relationships. Some of us were brought up with shining examples of how to communicate effectively and respectfully. While others are still learning the in’s and out’s (sometimes successfully, sometimes not). Learning to be a great communicator takes time, attention and patience. It’s not something you can read about in a book (or a blog post) and instantly “get”. It really does take practice.

So I’m super stoked that myself and our rad team of guest editors will be jamming on all things communication this month. And we’ll be talking about all different kinds of communication as well – not just the kind we typically think of – with our partner, kids, family, friends, colleagues…the UPS guy. We’ll also dig into self-talk, communicating beyond words and more. I’m SO ready for this month!

Personally, I could really use this wisdom right about now. After a really hard month of moving cross-country and having to let go of our beloved kitty, I’ve been having a hard time communicating and putting into words all of the complex feelings I have. I’ve been a bit more impatient, a little less social and a lot more withdrawn. While I know this is all part of grief (and big change), it’s taken me by surprise. And right now is the time when communicating – whether thru my written words or over the phone to my family or friends – is essential.

In my own experience, I really feel that without the ability to communicate with yourself and others in an effective way, it’s hard to develop the kinds of relationships that we all want. It’s hard to have a soulful connection to others, to our businesses and especially to ourselves.

Communication is at the cornerstone of a happy, healthy life.

So this month, I encourage you to join us as we dive deep into the subject. And maybe consider challenging yourself around communication this month. Where in your life are you struggling with communication? Set an intention for yourself this month to be more conscious of your communication patterns, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired by the words you read here over the next few weeks – inspired enough to apply some of the great insights to your own life. I can’t wait to hear how it goes for you!

Sending lots of October love your way!


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