We are taught the language of love,
of communion,
of ritual,
of daily life,
of mercy,
of heroic attempts,
of mediocre attributes,
of being,

But we are not told,
the secrets of the words,
the phrases,
the energies,
behind the sounds we speak.

Each syllable, nuance, phrase, click, timbre,
echoes a distant past,
tied to the ancestry of our heritage,
of our bloodline,
of our roots.

Each word spoken carries with it,
the harmony we seek,
the quietude we yearn,
the understanding we crave,
from others,
from the Earth we share.

Voice your opinions,
not for the sake of scarcity,
of scarring,
of manipulating,
inflicting fear, anger, pain,
to submit others into a form of convoluted perfection,
but awakening hearts to the beauty of their existence,
as there is only one Universal truth,
and it resides within us all.





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