Everywhere you look online, there’s a listicle devoted to your wardrobe. A checklist for the “must-have” staples, how to create a closet full of essentials, all the different kinds of shoes you should own by the time you’re 30, and spring cleaning tips for old clothes you don’t wear anymore.

While these lists are awesome, I can’t help but immediately want to defend a gal’s undergarment drawer. Where are the listicles for bras, panties, slips, corsets, and everything in between? When do they get a shout-out for quite literally being the glue that holds us together?

Sometimes I think the answer has to do with the very act of shopping for lingerie. I personally love it, but I know a lot of people who don’t because the entire act, which should be fun, can easily turn into a lot of internal body shaming and comparison about what you don’t have versus what others do.

Does this sound like you? Not to worry – I’ve got the tips you need to make lingerie shopping fun again while simultaneously creating a drawer full of undergarment goodness that will make anyone, no matter what size they are, feel great and beautiful from head to toe.

We ALL know what these words are. Since 1977, it has been nearly impossible to separate the word “lingerie” from “Victoria’s Secret.” And it only gets harder year after year with every new glossy catalog and VSFS that airs starring models with crazy long legs, big boobs, and not an ounce of fat or flab anywhere to be seen strutting down a runway. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably watching the show while eating a bowl of mac and cheese in a pair of yoga pants. Very sexy, no?

Real underwear talk time: It’s okay not to have a body like the models because every body is unique and beautiful just the way it is. Don’t deny yourself a trip down the underwear aisle just because your figure doesn’t look exactly like one of the Angels. At the end of the day, you’re doing your lingerie shopping for YOU and celebrating your figure as it is now. For all we know, you’re only going to be in this body for one lifetime, so carpe diem and seize the 5 for $25 pantie sale!

One reason I think it’s hard to build up your lingerie drawer with pride is because there’s a certain kind of stereotype about the kinds of underwear that should be kept in there. “Sexy” often gets translated to “anything lacy or silk or bejeweled or see through.” It’s a version of sexy made by society that doesn’t translate to every woman or occasion.

Ladies, define your own version of sexy and fill your drawer with bras and panties accordingly. If you need extra boob support, get a padded bra that works for you, not against you. Don’t like wearing thongs? Get your favorite patterned boy shorts instead. And if you do love all things lacy and frilly, then by all means go for it! Think about what makes you feel confident and comfortable and find the right style that does it for you.

About your boobs: they still grow, yes even as adults! Their growth is kind of unpredictable. Sometimes one breast can be bigger than the other, other times you might be wondering about what’s happening with your support in your existing bra straps, and most women (scientifically proven!) will change in bra size six times in their lifetime.

Even if you don’t buy anything in your visit, go in and get your size measured by a store professional to see if you can keep buying at the same size or if you need to switch things up.

Yes, really — Redbook Magazine reported that 27% of women don’t buy specific tops because they don’t have the right bra to wear underneath. It all goes back to the wardrobe circle of life.

If the only thing you’re allowing to stand in the way of completing your ensemble is a single piece of padding, then you gotta get your priorities together. Head to your favorite lingerie shop or department store and get shopping for a medley of bras in styles, fits, and support that work for you and all of your fashion needs.

Cheers to your unique, beautiful body and building up an incredible drawer of lingerie that is all your own!


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  1. You are so right about women not having the right bras to wear with certain tops. So often I see tacky bra straps hanging out of otherwise sexy halter and tank tops. There are some bra straps that are meant to be seen and many that aren’t. When in doubt, wear a bra that does not show any straps. My two necessities: a racer-back and a supportive strapless bra. With those two bras you can wear almost any style of top – with good taste.

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