There are some women who just exude effortless cool. They walk through the world with confidence and an easy breezy attitude. Not to mention, a wardrobe that suits them perfectly. I am not one of those women.

Let me clarify – I’m not one of those women, on the inside. I’ve never felt effortless when it comes to my clothing choices. And I’ve definitely never felt like one of the “cool” girls. Confidence in this realm has always eluded me, I suspect in part because I spent much of my life trying to dress based on what looked good on other people (an unreliable benchmark I’ve learned).

I love fashion, I love that something as simple as the clothing on your body, can help you feel more like yourself, can express something you want to express, and can exude confidence and cool. The only question is, how?

I’m so thrilled to share a candid conversation with someone who knows the answer. Elysha Lenkin is a NYC-based stylist. But she’s not just simply a fashion stylist. She’s dubbed herself the Mind Body Soul Stylist – and the minute I saw that on her website, I was immediately drawn in. Elysha’s philosophy about styling is rooted in teaching women to live well AND look awesome. Which I adore.

I can’t wait to learn more about this dynamic woman today, check out our fun Q&A below, and be sure to check out more of Elysha’s super helpful insights on TGWK!


adrian-alston-tgwk-elysha-lenkin{photo by Adrian Alston}

I couldn’t be more excited to chat with you today Elysha – I feel like we’re going to have a lot in common, and a lot of fun! Let’s jump in – tell us a bit about yourself – what do you do, create and love?
Hello! To start, I’m a holistic stylist. My work involves looking beyond my client’s clothing to see the whole woman and help align her life and style choices with the person she wants to be.

I’m a huge believer that movement is the pathway to a clear mind, connected body and expressed soul so I love to exercise! Yoga is my primary practice, but I’m always up for a sweaty workout like spinning or The Class. I also write articles on yoga and wellness. And I’m a mom! I have two awesome kids and an amazing husband. We live on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.



As a recent New York transplant, I’m waving high across the east river!  I love the concept of a holistic stylist, it’s so brilliant. When did you decide that you wanted to do this work?
Well, I’d been styling for years, but it wasn’t until I got my yoga teaching certification that I decided to take a more holistic approach to my work. After spending days on set making models look good, and then in the evenings I taught yoga to help students feel good, I realized I needed to bring more soul into styling. I needed to go beyond the surface of what they wore to help them feel better about not only how they looked, but who they were.

That’s so genius – and in the world of fashion and beauty, something that is SO needed I’m guessing. I’d love to know why this work you’re doing is so important in the world? Why does it matter?
Because self-expression is everything in my world! I’m very passionate about helping women connect to themselves for their most vibrant and authentic expression.

I love it! So as a fellow business woman, I know it’s not always chocolate, rainbows, and cashmere – I’m curious about the biggest obstacle you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome it. What helped you get over that hurdle?
As a freelance stylist, I’ve had to get accustomed to the ups and downs of the business. It’s either feast or famine so learning to deal with this has been really important.

When I first started, I’d freak out when the calls stopped coming in. I’d sink into this slump of unhealthy living — going out all the time, sleeping till noon, not taking care of myself — which created a cycle of unproductivity. Once I realized that my career efforts always paid off somehow – usually in an unexpected way — I felt more in control. Work begets work.

Also, the creative muscle must be used often to stay in shape. So now, I’m always creating content – whether it’s for my blog or a new presentation for a group styling session – I don’t rely on others to give me work. I make it myself.


Yes!!! I love that you create your own work and opportunity for yourself. That mindset is so key to feeling empowered and “successful” in whatever you do. So, who do you look up to – who inspires you?
Oprah! Ok, total confession: sometimes when I’m preparing an interview for an article, I ask myself What would Oprah say? And then try to imagine how she would approach the interview. She’s the best with the big questions. And as a business woman in general, she leads with heart and soul.

Agreed, Oprah is such a Boss. As someone, who like Oprah, leads with Soul – what does it mean to you, to live a life and have a business – with SOUL?
It’s all connected! Once we’re in touch with our soul we live from this connection in everything we do. So whether it’s hanging out with my kids, or presenting wardrobe to a creative director, when I’m connected — my soul comes through.

On a slightly different note, we’re big birthday fans ‘round here, so I’d love to know your dream way to spend a birthday?
Double Aquarius here 🙋🏻! So my dream birthday would be imaginative and unconventional. How about a 7am dance party / workout fest with my girlfriends, followed by a bike ride along the West Side Highway with my son, shopping on Bleecker street with my daughter, and then relaxing on the beach (preferably at Rockhouse in Jamaica) with my husband – is that do-able?

rebecca-r-photography-elysha-lenkin-stylist-nyc-tgwk-get-to-know-qa-07{photo by Rebecca R Photography}


That is SO doable (and sounds like utter perfection). Speaking of perfection, what are the 5 things you can’t live without (like ever)?

  • My family
  • Yoga
  • Pen + paper
  • Coffee
  • Music (Radiohead!)

Amen to Radiohead! Alright, since I just moved to the area (and love finding new places to explore), I’d love for you to share the top places you’d send me (or one of our readers) if when we visit your ‘hood (New York City)?

  • For the best shopping scores, discount designer haven Century 21 department store
  • For sweaty vinyasa yoga, Kula Yoga Project
  • For a therapeutic, heart opening workout, The Class by Taryn Toomey

Tell us what you’re working on right now that feels like a celebration?
At the time I write this, I’m helping a client find a bridesmaid dress, so perusing party-dress Pinterest boards feels pretty celebrational! But also, every time I write a blog post that resonates with someone . . . I feel like celebrating.


Well, I certainly hope you’ll celebrate this interview and all the amazing posts you’ve written here at TGWK (‘cause they’ve been incredible)! Throughout your years on the planet, you’ve undoubtedly learned a lot. If you knew then, what you know now, what message would you have for your younger self?
Can I choose a quote? I love this one by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

And finally — what is one thing you know to be true?
Total Oprah question — I love it!

I know for sure that true style is about moving through life with confidence and ease.

rebecca-r-photography-elysha-lenkin-stylist-nyc-tgwk-get-to-know-qa-08{photo by Rebecca R Photography}

* * *

So much fun! Elysha, I could do this for hours, so let’s just say that I absolutely love what you’re up to. I adore the way you’ve merged the worlds of fashion and yoga to create a thriving business that speaks to both beauty and soul. Thank you for sharing your wisdom so generously here at The Girl Who Knows – and for creating such beautiful work in the world!

Be sure to visit Elysha’s website to learn more about her styling philosophy and how you can work with her! And you can always say hi and get a peek behind-the-scenes at her life in NYC over on Instagram.

See you soon with another edition of GET TO KNOW – featuring another member of our electric guest editing team! Until next time…




Header photo by Adrian Alston
All other photos (except where indicated) courtesy of Elysha Lenkin

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