When I struggle with emotional shopping – for things I know I don’t need, I try to get out and play. Playing has been the best way to keep me focused on the things that really matter (relationship, adventure, nature, health) versus shopping for things that ultimately don’t.

Beyond Yoga The Girl Who KnowsThat being said, we can’t play naked right? So I wanted to share a few of my favorite brands with you that allow me to play more freely as well as consciously.

One of my favorite brands is Beyond Yoga. Everything they sell is made here in the U.S., and their clothes LAST (plus they have great sales!). I’ve worn their leggings climbing mountains in Yosemite, hiking through Zion’s Narrows, working out, or staying in and resting. They are always comfortable, cozy, hardworking, and stylish.

Elizabeth Suzann The Girl Who KnowsAnother brand that really allows me to play is Elizabeth Suzann. I love how easy breezy her style is. I can throw her clothes in a suitcase for travel, and they always look good when I reach my destination. They’re perfect for a picnic, the farmers market, or dressed up for a night out. The pieces are super versatile, and that’s a key component needed for a conscious closet.

Everlane The Girl Who KnowsLastly, I love Everlane. I live in t-shirts. Tees are the ultimate clothing item perfect for play. Think everything from baseball games, movies in the part, bike rides around the city, or days at the museum. A tee will allow you to do it all. And Everlane has the perfect tees. Affordable, cozy, long-lasting.

The next time you find yourself believing you need that one item from Anthropologie that will supposedly change your life, throw on a tee and leggings and get out and do something fun! I promise you won’t regret the decision and you won’t miss shopping.

And ladies, I would love to hear from you? What are some of your favorite, ethical, easy-to-pay-in brands? Let me know your favorites in the comments below, and I’d love to share your picks on instagram!


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  1. I love this insightful article Johanna! I am all about being comfortable, and still trying to be stylish at the same time..even when popping out to take a yoga class, or go for a hike with my husband. One of my favs for quite some time now is a Los Angeles based company called Wilt Tees http://shop.wiltclothing.com They cover up my yoga wear in the places I want while I am going to and from class (usually with multiple stops in between) but still keep me feeling good about the way I look. Made in LA with all natural fibers.

    1. Hey Martha! You do that so well! Always look chic and comfortable. Thanks for letting me know about Wilt! I can’t wait to check it out!

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