Don’t you just hate it when you find a great dress you love, pay $200 for it, and then it goes out of style in less than a year?

I know it drives me nuts, so I’m sure it’s not something you enjoy much either.

Through my own experience, I eventually figured out a few ways to start to build a wardrobe that would stand the test of time, for at least 2-3 years at least. Here’s what I’ve learned;

  • When choosing items with pattern, ask yourself ‘Is this a pattern I’m still gonna like next year or will I get sick of it in a few months?’ I ask myself this question all the time! I get so excited when a piece catches my eye, that I’m likely to make a rash decision if I didn’t have this filter in place. It allows me to take a minute, and really check-in with myself. And if I’m honest, the answer will come to me almost immediately. This is clearly an exercise of trusting your gut… and boy is that thing a know-it-all! 😉
  • Pay attention to the tailoring and cuts of your clothing. The more tailoring and simple, classic detailing a garment has, the more timeless it becomes. Not to mention these items are more likely to fit really well and feel amazing on. These items may cost a bit more, but when you consider the fact that you will be wearing these items more often and over a longer period of time, the cost-per-wear is greater than the upfront cost.
  • The final way to keep your wardrobe timeless is to be choosy with your colors. I know you don’t have any issues buying black or grey, but how well do you select your other colors? The best way to remain timeless in this category is to stick with jewel tone colors. They never go out of season and they have a tendency to look great on most people.

Sticking to these rules above doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with trends. It just means you should be investing more in classic pieces and going to less expensive brands to get your trend fix. Make sense?

Do you pay attention to clothing details when you go shopping or do you make purchases solely on impulse? Or maybe you have a piece in your closet now that you absolutely love and have had for years. . . ever wonder why you love it? Could it be a timeless, classic piece?

I’d love to hear some of your experiences with trying to create a more timeless wardrobe.


Photo via Death to the Stock Photo

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