Gabrielle and Italia

Co-founders of The Crafty Cube


Gabrielle and Italia Woodson are a sister-sister duo and the co-founders of The Crafty Cube: a DIY body care box with customizable recipes and 6 or less 100% natural ingredients to handcraft your own products.

Born abroad to military parents, they were raised to live outside their comfort zone and encouraged to be comfortable in their skin. They grew up with homeopathic remedies, healing elixirs from herbs in their garden, and aromatherapy. Gabrielle and Italia are passionate about sharing their love for natural healing with others.

To their mother’s dismay, Gabrielle has been shark diving, bungee jumping, sky diving, and white water rafting. She lived in Cape Town, South Africa and was also a 2x All-American soccer player at Williams College. This year she finished writing her first Young Adult novel. As an Aries there are few things she thinks she cannot do.

Italia is an expert at getting lost in a funky beat and exploring new parts of the world. While she lived in Chiang Mai, Thailand, she taught English to novice monks, cuddled with tigers, and gave love to every elephant that crossed her path. She attended college at The University of Tampa and understands that everything unfolds as it should.

What I know:

Your thoughts control your reality.

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