Sylvia Gunde

Photographer + Adventurer + Foodie
at Sylvia G Eatery


Sylvia is a Los Angeles based photographer, food blogger, and talent manager with a strong belief that you can do anything your heart desires and be able to share your uniqueness with others.

After college, she dove headfirst into photography as well as talent management. Her bright, colorful style has moved her through the fashion industry, specifically in digital media (bloggers, digital media campaigns, etc.). Talent management also started in media (dancers/tv) but has ended up also in digital media. She loves digital media’s ability to help people get their unique stories out into the world in an easily accessible way. 

As a passion project, she combined both her knowledge in photography and digital media management and started her very own food blog, Sylvia G Eatery. This is a world all about her love for food that she wants to share with the world.

What I know:

There’s nothing better than enriching and bettering the lives of others.

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