Stephanie Marie Garcia

Athlete + Writer + Dreamer


Stephanie Marie is a writer, wedding professional, and professional track and field athlete who splits her time between Charlottesville, Virginia and Greenville, South Carolina. 

As a writer, Stephanie strives to reveal the raw side of relationships and human nature through her personal essays and fiction; a freelance journalist, Stephanie has contributed to The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, and TOWN Magazine, among other blogs, publications, and sites.

Stephanie has worked in the wedding industry for five years, as an event planner, magazine editor, stylist, and social media manager for select event professionals. And, in a stark contrast to the beauty of the wedding world, Stephanie is a full-time professional runner for New Balance and Furman Elite; her event is the steeplechase (just google “steeplechase fails” for a peek at that world) and she’s currently ranked number two in the United States and has run the fourth fastest steeplechase time ever for an American woman. She’s dedicated the last five years of her life to achieving an Olympic Dream in Rio 2016.

A graduate of the University of Virginia and a devotee to all things romantic, Stephanie infuses every project with passion!

What I know:

The best life is one lived with simplicity, enthusiasm, and romance!

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