Sarah Ehlinger

Designer + Creator
at Very Sarie


Sarah has been known to be a designer, a painter, a prop master, a set builder, a creative director & creative strategist. In her varied (yet related) creative pursuits, she has worked with Target, Best Buy, General Mills, 3M, Bed Bath & Beyond, Victoria’s Secret, Purina and Hormel (just to name a few).

These days, she spends her time developing her own collections of designs which are licensed onto products including stationery, wall coverings, invitations, furniture, fabric, kitchen tiles and ceramics. She believes that a life surrounded with beauty is one of the best ways to nurture the soul and hopes her designs can do this for others.

What I know:

The medicine of creating isn’t the end result. It’s the act of doing.
EVERYONE has creativity in them and witnessing the act of creating is witnessing joyful meditation.

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