Nicola Behrman

Energy Alchemist + Spiritual Counsellor
at 7-OM


Nicola Behrman is an energy alchemist, spiritual counsellor, and conduit of sacred sound and light. She believes in writing, singing, community, sacred ritual, and ancient rites of passage as potent tools for connecting to source, living in light, and embracing self-authenticity.

By using guided meditations, the power of the Pleiades star constellations, shamanic practices, and sacred sound, Nicola creates immersive spiritual healing experiences and helps people remember their own inherent Divinity.  She lives a serendipitous and beautiful life in Ojai California and is the creator of the 7-OM Journey of Illumination.

Nicola sees the Divinity within you, helping open your eyes to the Beauty and the Magic that already resides within your Soul.

What I know:

Magic is real, there is Divinity inside each of us, and when we allow ourselves to glow within, our whole world shines brighter and brighter.

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