Jenna Arak

Copywriter + Editor + Soulful Storyteller


Jenna Arak is a soulful storyteller. She shows women how to use the written word to share their story: to teach, to connect, to have an impact on the people who need to read about who they are, what they’ve done, and what they do—because through reading one another’s stories, all of our lives will be changed for the better. Jenna’s mission is to encourage women to follow their dreams, build upon their strengths, and bring new, interesting, and innovative ideas into the world through storytelling. She is also a copywriter, an editor, and a denizen of any bookstore’s self-help section. Her writing has been featured on Salon, Thought Catalog, The Everygirl, The Muse, Darling Magazine, Career Contessa, and more. She lives and writes in Pasadena.


What I know:

Everyone has a valuable story to share.

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