Do you know what your closet says about you? I think about this question a lot! Especially being a minimalist, it’s super important for each piece I add to my closet to represent who I am as a person. I want the clothes I wear to radiate and reflect what’s truly important, my character and how I am on the inside.

In doing research for this piece, I came across some really fun personalities based on what’s in our closets. The closet personalities were developed by clinical psychologist, Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner and celebrity stylist, Nicole Chavez.

They identified six main types of closets and figured out what each says about you, your personality, and your shopping habits.

Let’s take a closer look at each one along with some of my curated Conscious Closet’s picks for you to check out!

The Closet Chameleon:
You’re the kind of gal who doesn’t like a daily uniform. You wear things depending totally on the situation or group you’re with, and you don’t necessarily have a specific style. According to Chavez, this gal “organizes her closet in separate sections, almost like she’s two personalities, and really uses her fashion as a costume.”

For this type of closet, think about what really brings you joy when you wear it, and then buy thoughtful pieces that make you feel authentic!

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


dress / bag

The Devoted Dresser:
You are the opposite of the chameleon. You know what you like and what looks good on you. You have your uniform down.

I love the devoted dresser because this is my personal style as well. My challenge to you and also for myself is to think outside the box to bring a little shazam to your closet. Some sparkle every once in while goes a long way!

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


pants / top / loafers

The Freestyler:
You really know how to throw an outfit together and make it WORK. You might come across disorganized and messy, but you know you’re not. This type of closet personality is “go-with-the-flow, and doesn’t like to be rushed,” according to Chavez. You’re all about living in the moment!

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


bag / cuff / dress

The Show Stopper:

BRIGHT, SPARKLY, PATTERNS. Oh my! The bigger the impact, the better. Nothing holds you back, and you love the attention your closet brings.

Don’t forget: you need those great staple pieces too. They’ll help keep your closet balanced.

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


top / shoes

Systematic Stylist

Like the Devoted Dresser, you know what you like. Your closet is super organized, and you take planning – whether it’s your outfit or your week – to the next level. You don’t like to shop without a defined mission and you rarely deviate from it.

Trust your gut, but also, “go out with an open mind and see what speaks to you. Sometimes when you go out with a plan, you miss the chance to find a hidden treasure”, says Chavez.

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


top / pants / bag

Trend Trailblazer
You are a fashionista to the nth. You probably even still have tags on some of your clothes. You are a master at creating looks no one has seen and are in line with the newest most fashion forward trends.

Like the Show Stopper, don’t forget your staple pieces. They will save you in a pinch. Chavez also suggests, slowing down long enough to make sure you are truly dressing for you, and not just for the latest trend.

Here are my Conscious Closet’s pics for you:


pants / jacket / shoes

Which type of closet personality are you? What does your current closet say about you and your personality? Is it time to switch things up? Share your results and insights in the comments below!



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