TGIF! For real.

This has been one hell of a long week.
Between the gloomy, sprinkly L.A. weather,
to grieving an incredible personal loss,
I’m REALLY looking forward to a nice long weekend at home.

What about you? Anything exciting planned?
Hope it’s filled with happiness + sun!





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  1. Love Tim Ferris’s link that you posted. I totally agree with him. It can be such a distraction to start and stop each day because of emails that have little significance in the moment. Great link to post for the weekend! Thank you <3

    1. Glad you liked the Tim Ferris link. He’s a wise guy! 🙂
      Email + social media are such distractions for me, so even just giving myself the freedom to not respond to emails (with the auto-responder idea) has left me feeling a lot less stress out about it. Yay! Hope you had a great weekend. xo

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