Modern Apothecary + Expert Estheticians. With Heart.

If you’ve been around this blog long enough, you might have a sneaking suspicion that I have quite a love of pampering + beauty + everyday luxury.
There’s nothing like a massage, facial or body treatment to clear my head, ground me and leave me feeling renewed and deeply relaxed. Am I right?

While I was living in Oakland, California, I was always on the look-out for great spas and wellness centers. Sadly they were few and far between. The only one worth mentioning is a sweet spot I stumbled upon 5 years ago in Berkeley ~ Supple Integrative Skincare.
You step inside the fabulously curated apothecary and are instantly in scent(sory)-heaven.
Not only is this quaint boutique well-stocked and filled to the brim with impeccable product lines (REN, InFiore, Arcona, Kahina, among others), but the customer service and treatments are impeccable.

I’ll never forget meeting Supple’s Holly Pope for the first time.
She oozes coolness. The kind of woman you just HAVE to be friends with.

Holly’s got a certain something. A grounded, multi-cultural perspective on life and business.
A renaissance woman by all accounts.

I immediately felt I had met a kindred soul.
And so of course, couldn’t wait to ask her a few questions about her life, beauty rituals and what she knows for sure.
I hope you enjoy getting to know Holly + Supple Integrative Skincare!

Holly, tell me a bit about you + how you came to be involved at Supple? What is your role there?

I’m an Esthetician & the Director of Supple Integrative Skincare. Supple was founded by Alison Supple Evans eight years ago and then changed ownership last year, when I was brought on board to helm the ship. Alison and I met in 2006 and it was love at first sight (and smell) when I walked into Supple. I was very familiar with most of the lines we carry and Al and I spent hours that day chatting about the Apothecary life. About a month later Alison called me and asked what I was doing and if I run her shop for 5 months while she & her husband went to Europe. The obvious answer was yes! And thus began my life at Supple.

Personally, my background is pretty eclectic. I have a BS in Biology/Chemistry, an MFA in Art History, I’m a licensed Esthetician and I have a MA in French Literature. I’m also an Ayurvedic Practitioner and part of the Federation of Circus Arts in France.
I was raised in France and came to California to study and studied almost everything that I had an interest in. Between schoolings, I traveled from South Africa to the South Pacific, Southeast Asia, South America. I learned how to make potions, lotions and tinctures using roots, herbs, plants and nuts from native women around the globe.

What’s the most challenging and the most gratifying thing about running a business?
“Change with change” is always a challenge. Trends and people come and go. I have to say that rolling with those changes can be challenging at times. But change can also be gratifying and liberating once you let go of how things used to be.

You source + carry some pretty amazing product ~ what’s the philosophy on choosing products for Supple?
Effective! I tend towards natural products but I want to see and feel a difference in my skin and the skin of our clients. I also like the stories and integrity behind the brands.

You have gorgeous skin. What’s your personal skincare routine?
It changes seasonally, currently I am doing the following;
AM routine ~ cleanse (with a cleansing pad), apply a daytime serum then day cream and some sort of SPF.
PM routine ~ cleanse, apply one of the many serums, depending on the night, currently I have about 3 serums in rotation. I love serums. I’ll add a lotion or cream if I am feeling dry or have been traveling.
Weekly ~ a cleansing mask and a hydrating mask.
During the day/throughout the day ~ hydrosol spritz, blotting papers and lip conditioner.


What does beauty mean to you?
One word. Grace.

WHY do you do what you do?
Because it’s beautiful. I like people to feel and look beautiful, it’s such a pleasure when clients come out of the treatment room glowing and relaxed.

Your family background is so interesting, can you tell me about your cultural background and how it might have informed you and your work?

Being bi-cultural and multi ethnic, I love the beauty in all people. From my childhood in rural France, I love seasonal living ~ the fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs that bloom in the different seasons welcoming the changes and “profiting” from the richness of what’s available during different times of the year.
Our skin also changes from season to season and I like to be able offer a solution to these changes.

You’re a well-traveled woman, what are your Top 3 favorite spots in the world?
Rural spots from South Africa to New Zealand

What keeps you inspired and motivated?

What’s something you KNOW for sure?

I am gracefully maturing.

And isn’t that what we all hope for ~ graceful maturity as we move through life?

A big thank you to Holly Pope for being a part of The Girl Who Knows community!
And if you find yourself in the neighborhood, I recommend booking a treatment or even just stopping by the apothecary for a little shopping + a chat with the lovely Holly – and do tell her I said hi!

As a special treat for my beautiful readers, Supple is kindly offering a FREE head massage or décolleté treatment with any facial booked between now and December 31, 2012.
Click here to learn more about Supple + book your appointment!

Here’s to beauty + relaxation. Every single day.


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  1. Yummy self care, I love it! Wish I was close enough to take advantage of the free treatment! Hmm, maybe I’ll go out and get a facial today in the spirit of gracefully maturing.

  2. What an inspiration! I am not in the area, but I LOVE the idea of growing gracefully . . . and so inspiring to read about what she is doing for her daily regime too–I need to get back into something for the winter! Thanks for this awesome post :o)

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