I first stumbled across Studiopatró at an event in the East Bay (near Oakland, CA). A close friend told me to run (not walk) over + check out their goodies. So I did.

I was instantly enamored with the simple, organic designs and crisp feel of their signature tea towels. The linen is so perfect, you almost don’t even want to use them. I bought a few. Took them home. Washed (and dryed) them per the instructions. And low and behold the softest and most supple multi-purpose towels I have ever owned. Honestly. They’re the bomb.
To say I am a fan is an understatement.

Founder Christina Weber, a longtime art director (for the likes of the Williams Sonoma catalog) + graphic designer, created Studiopatró out of her enduring love of design, typography and pattern. P.S. In case you’re wondering, Studiopatró means “pattern studio”.

And for the record, these aren’t just any old tea towels. They’re hand-printed in Oakland, California on 100% super luxe linen fabrics (of the European variety) with water-based inks. And since they’re a natural, sustainable fabric, they’re strong and withstand the rigors of daily use. In fact, like fine wines, they get better with age.

The prints + typography are whimsical and so fun! With sayings like, “Love is all you need”, “Stripes make everything better” (don’t they though?), and an array of words o’ wisdom for the creative cook. I want them all.

Christina and I immediately hit it off when we met and she invited me to her cozy studio in San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood to see her team in action. I put together the little video (above) of my visit. Hope you enjoy!

Tell me a little bit about yourself Christina and your path.
It started in the sixties when I discovered Marimekko. Why was ink-on-cloth so exciting? The bold patterns and vibrant colors were so “modern”. No more calico for me.
Art and design called out to me loud and clear. Teaching art turned to graphic design, and I spent 25 years putting ink-on-paper. But a growing collage of leaves, maps, typography and architecture took over my studio walls. Patterns emerged, and so did Studiopatró.

How did the idea for Studiopatró come about?
I wanted to design products – to design things, objects, beautiful things for the home. I had been designing printed communications as a graphic designer for years. . . it was time to do something new.
The perfect canvas became the tea towel, a natural fit for its endless interpretations and inherent sustainability. I love that the simple kitchen towel becomes a special token. . . and still remains its humble, hard-working self.
It’s important to me that Studiopatró designs, hand-prints and sews all products locally in the San Francisco bay area, with people who share a passion to create high-quality, enduring, and lovely products.

Photo :: StudioPatro
Photo :: StudioPatro

Where does your design inspiration come from?

From travel, great design magazines, visiting art museums – from architecture, looking at street fashion, and from nature, of course.

How do you cultivate creativity?
Sketching and drawing and looking at everything, wherever I am.

I love entrepreneurial women and you are most certainly that! What do you find to be the most challenging AND most gratifying part of being a business owner?

Challenging: the bookkeeping and record-keeping parts of the business.
Gratifying: working with wonderful people.

How do you stay inspired and motivated every day?
I’ve always had a passion and drive to create. So the creative aspect of my work keeps me motivated.

Tell us about the future of your line. Any exciting developments or new products on the horizon?
I’m interested in promoting my new tagline “USE CLOTH NOT PAPER :)”
New products will support this!

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is joyful, it’s inspiring and gives meaning to life. It can also be restful, and even peaceful.

Is there a particular mantra or quote you live your life by?
“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful.” ~William Morris

Why do you do, what you do?
To keep learning new things – to keep life fresh, to challenge myself, to stretch.

What are your Top 3 favorite spots in your ‘hood (San Francisco)?

Hmmmm… the view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Crissy Field
Rose’s Café for roast chicken
Flora Grubb Nursery

What’s one thing you know for certain?
Simplicity is best in everything.

Check out Studiopatró’s own video :: 12 ways to use a tea towel (totally adorable)!


Photo :: StudioPatro

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Christina Weber and Studiopatró ~ a true San Francisco gem.

Until next time. . .

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  1. Absolutely stunning! From the designs of Studiopatro to the way you’ve beautifully showcased everything. Simply amazing and it brings a whole new meaning to a dish towel! XOXO

  2. Lady…I absolutely LOVE this post. For everything. The gorgeous photos. The highlighting of such a great company. The videos. What a beautiful way to kick off your new page. SO behind you on this. LOVE YOU!


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