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I’m back!

And damn does it feel good.
As much as I enjoyed the break (you can read my lessons learned here), I’m so happy to be back.
I love my little corner of the digital world.
I created it with so much love + attention + intention. It really, truly, feels like my home.
And as with any vacay or time away, returning home is the best part.

This weekend, my world is going to be all about The Birthday Month Experience.
I’ve got a few personal plans, but really, I’m hunkering down and tweaking + polishing + putting the icing on my digital cake.
I can’t even begin to express how much this project means to me.
It’s been a long time coming and I’m anxiously awaiting Wednesday, when I get to show it to the world.

I’ve been a bit of a broken-record about this, but I’ll say it again.
If you want to be the first to know about the release of TBME next week, be sure to sign-up on the VIP list.

Ok, I’m off to write. And then breaking for a fabulous dinner with some out of town friends here.
Can’t wait to report back, this restaurant has been on my “must try” list for months!

See you next week!




My love of Italian farmhouses is pure, simple and enduring. Kinda like this farmhouse.
So excited about the launch of this new, beautiful, online magazine!! The editing team is ridiculously talented. Can’t wait to see it take off.
One of my favorite programs is coming to town. It’s for actors, filmmakers, entrepreneurs – anyone who’s ready to tell the truth + face self sabotage head on!
Diggin this chopped ‘do. Might have to be my next cut.
All my fellow ’80′s kids will appreciate this.
NYC Basic Tips + Etiquette gets GIF’ed.
Growing up, people thought my family’s kitchen ceiling wallpaper was weird. This proves that it can be super chic.
A case for conscious parenting – Amen!!!
Some good tips on incorporating a more healthy diet into your life.
This girl’s work is too cute. I adore every single piece!
I was just saying the other day that I love flowers in my hair. This lady knows what’s up.
This guy’s workout kinda seems genius. Thoughts? Have any of you tried it?
Generosity is where it’s at!
This Pinterest board is giving me all kinds of inspiration for our next home.
This. #thatisall
Our planet is just stunning.
This sweet treat looks all kinds of yum!
This one left me thinking about my goals – are they too small?
Ahhh, l’amour.
GO Wentworth! One of my main man-crushes, doing his thing. Makes my heart swell.
‘Cause everyone needs a wine tote . . .
Me + my dad have a thing for key lime. I might have to make these for us when I head home next month.
Prepare to be dazzled by this Tumblr account. For real.
Ever wonder what oils are healthy + good to cook with? Here’s a great article about just that.
I’m only posting one video today. Why?
Because it’s that good.
THIS is a real love story. In a world filled with so much sadness + pain – we need more stories like Fred’s.


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