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This one’s dedicated to all the Fathers out there.

The boys who became men. And then had kids. And continually sacrificed for us everyday.
I know that my own father struggled and fought for what he’s achieved in his life.
Growing up Japanese American in the 1940′s and 1950′s in this country, wasn’t exactly a walk in the park.
Nevertheless, he worked hard and dedicated his life to providing for his family.

And that’s what I’ve learned from him.
Hard work. Determination. Adventure.
And in his own way, love.

He may not express it the way I do, but my dad is a sensitive soul and has a huge heart.
He taught me to find something I love and give it 110%.
This weekend, I plan on doing just that.
Digging into the work that I love. Putting words to paper. Preparing for a big launch.
And remembering all of the wonderful things he’s taught me over the years.

In my family at least, we don’t often lavish praise, gifts, flowers and love on Dad.
At least not the same way we do on our mom.
So in the spirit of honoring our fathers, I hope you’ll spend some time thinking about what you’ve learned from your own. And if you can, let him know how grateful you are for him.

“I believe that what we become depends on what our fathers teach us at odd moments, when they aren’t trying to teach us. We are formed by little scraps of wisdom.”
~Umberto Eco, Foucault’s Pendulum

Happy Fathers Day!
May your weekend be filled with family + friends + love.





This might just be the sweetest thing ever. Thanks to my girl Natalie for posting it.
Need to order this. I’m such a fan-girl of Alexa Chung.
One of my favorite brands has a sale happening right now. Danger zone.
Long live printed magazines! Can’t believe I’ve never been to this spot before. NYC, I think I’m overdue for a visit.
Motorcycle tours – guided + self-guided. This has my girl Sally Hope‘s name written all over it. ;-)
This news just made my world! Fresh Italian Salumi, I’ll be seeing you REAL soon!
A crowdfunding platform dedicated to women’s equality. Love this!
The science of epigenetics is totally fascinating. Love this article. {via Natalie}
Flowers for Dad? Why not {especially when they look like these}!
The sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. This girl is a true superhero. Help fund her campaign here.
Hot tub cinema is a new thing. Is it just me or wouldn’t you overheat after 2 hours? ;-)
These are undoubtedly my next bedding purchase. SO. Cute.
And they say racism is dead? Not quite. I love how this kid rises above it.
An ode to breaking up.
A beautifully written post about ditching Plan A. And dancing in the rain.
A birthday cake martini? Sounds oddly yummy.
Stunning windows made out of caramelized sugar.
Caffeine withdrawal is now considered a mental illness. Seriously? Oye vey.
The Institute for Art and Olfaction. A whole place dedicated to creative experimentation with scent. Fun! I can’t wait to take a blending workshop.
I adore these little sandwiches.
Want to create a new habit? Here’s the essential mindset shift that will change everything.
Linda Rodin on Advanced Style.
Quite possibly the coolest online “toy” shop.
Next up on my reading list is this.
Why isn’t Melissa McCarthy fine just the way she is? Seriously. This is ridiculous.
I have extreme house-envy right now.
These girls are brave and have something to say to all the hipsters out there.
I got the chills just looking at these photos from inside the cockpit.
Greece is calling my name. Can I stay here please?
Digging all the Southwest motif’s happening everywhere lately.
As I embrace my short hair more and more, I’m loving seeing other ladies rock it too! Love this photo.
How am I just now discovering the show Web Therapy? I mean. Lisa Kudrow is hilarious. Loving the episodes with Glee star Darren Criss + Perks of Being Wallflower’s Mae Whitman. Can’t wait to dig into the rest of them!


I adore Vogue’s Grace Coddington. And seeing her on this cute foodie series hosted by Elettra Wiedemann is quite entertaining.


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