Well my friends, it’s time.

When I first conceived of The Girl Who Knows, I always knew she wanted to be more than a personal blog. I had dreams of being a destination online for inspiration seekers.

And yet somehow, the site took a much more personal turn. I suspect it had something to do with where I was at in life. Having lost several people that were close to me and my family/friends. Being unsure of what my true value was in the world. Not knowing what I wanted next. It left me uncertain of how to move forward with the big dream for this site.

But now I’m happy to say that after some much needed strategy sessions with a fab biz coach, some deep dive soul searching, a little Desire Mapping and some quality time with myself – The Girl Who Knows is ready for a makeover.


Finding a Spiritual Path in a Hectic World.


I’m a seeker.
And I have been, since junior high school.

One of my earliest memories is of purchasing a copy of The Tao of Pooh. Mostly I think because of the cute little pooh bear on the front cover. But I do remember a sense of peace and of coming home, as I read the words, only half understanding what the author was talking about.

Pooh Bear gave way to hours of therapy, coaching, reading, studying, yoga-ing, meditating and workshop upon retreat upon endless meetups, all for a single purpose – to understand more about myself and why I’m here.

Author Betsy Chasse has been on a similar quest. As a fellow multi-passionate, renaissance woman, Betsy is a mother, filmmaker, writer, speaker, blogger and consultant, who ultimately, is using her gifts and talents to try and make sense of this thing called life.

Her journey is a fascinating one. As the co-creator of the well known film, What the Bleep Do We Know?!, Betsy was seemingly on the path to enlightenment. Until it all came crashing down and life brought her face-to-face with her own sacred cows.

I love her ability to laugh at life. To realize that stepping in cow patties (a.k.a. shit) might not be such a bad thing. And her unrelenting desire to get to the truth behind all the spiritual fences that we’ve built for ourselves. Betsy is sharp, blunt and takes no prisoners. And she’s also deeply spiritual, connected and loving. A beautifully complex woman, just like the rest of us.

I hope you enjoy this Q+A with the witty + talented Betsy Chasse!





















2013 was a doozy (to put it mildly).

It was the year of the snake, which is my sign according to the Chinese Zodiac. And it was predicted to be a year of difficulty for those of us who share the sign. Lucky us!
In very snakelike fashion, the year was filled with a lot of sneaky surprises (not all good) and situations that at the time, felt like they might kill me with their poisonous venom. Honestly, it felt like Voldemort had dropped his pet Nagini off for a visit. A very, very long visit.

But interestingly at the end of the year, reflecting back on everything that happened, I was grateful and appreciative for the trials of 2013.
It felt like I had shed my skin and was preparing for a new chapter in life. I had renewed energy and a jet-pack filled with fuel. I was ready to rock ’n roll.



It’s been a bit quiet on The Girl Who knows this week. And for good reason.

The big news I’ve been waiting to share . . .

We bought a house!

We’re in the process of doing some updates + needed repairs before we move-in later this month.
Essentially I’m acting as project manager, running back and forth to stores, getting quotes, overseeing the contractor, termite guys, you name it. So things are a bit busier than usual right now.

Thanks for bearing with me as we get packed up, cleaned up and moved into our new home.
I’ll be back in the new year with pictures + a bunch of behind-the-scenes things that I’ve learned about buying your own home (and oh have there been many!).
Plus, I’m working on a series of new posts about beauty + film + music + travel (all kinds of awesomeness) that will be rolling out in 2014. Woot!